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How important is to make desitions coming from calmness.

It´s always the right moment to sit and think about goals and objectives in life. Transform this year of turmoil into a pivoting point in your life to remember.

  • Expect to do job´s you´ve never done before 
  • Your job doesn`t fire you up anymore
  • Expand Your Search
  • Initiate Your Inner Journey
  • You Feel Under-Compensated 
  • Your Values Are Not Aligned With the People You Work For 
  • Becoming an Entrepreneur
  • Conclusion

Expect to do job´s you´ve never done before 

A time or set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something. Yes, an opportunity.

We are running through a massive number of changes in the job market right now, and it shouldn’t surprise us.

I’m referring to the single thing that will still keep on developing; that is technology.

Combining 5G and artificial intelligence can allow nations that could only imitate foreign designs until a few years ago to make a giant technological leap.

Inevitably some jobs are going to be replaced by AI in the coming years. 

But on the flip side of the coin, a lot of new business models are being created every day. And with that, many different new skills to master for brand new tasks.

“The key to competing against the machines is not competing; a team made by a computer and a human can beat any human or any computer working alone. Technology is not the destiny; we shape our destiny.”, Erik Brynjolfsson.

Your job doesn`t fire you up anymore

Its normal to feel a little down when your job is not fulfilling you.

I´m done with this. My job is not exiting any more, and every day I go, it´s just getting worst. Those were my words when I left my job last year.

Somehow I felt something inside me wasn´t quite right; it took me a few years to realize I was not working happy anymore.

And you might be feeling likewise. The next questions gave me the first steps to know why did I felt that way.

I just knew that my motivation to go to work was gone.

Passion is a collection of life experiences that gives you the most profound sense of fulfillment.

And that is something you need to look inwards.

These two questions will help you out:

  • If you have all the money in the world, what would you spend the time doing?
  • What truly makes you happy or gives you a deep sense of fulfillment?

You would be surprised to know how many people don´t know what makes them happy.

Expand Your Search

I mean that to optimize the data, you already have. 

Social media is exploding nowadays; use that in your favor. 

When was the last time you updated your resume?

Focus on what´s important to you, what are your skills and abilities you´ve got to learn more. 

Linkedin became one of the most popular platforms, take a look at your profile and see what you can add to make it more attractive. Update your info with exciting things like hobbies and hidden skills you never told before. Get away from standard boring resumes.

Engage in closed groups discussing things you excel on. Solve other issues and questions.

Check interesting business profiles to see who´s in and how to participate. Send them emails telling them how to solve those problems. 

With more than 575.000.000 million users, LinkedIn became the social platform related to professionals and businesses to be on.

Initiate Your Inner Journey

To help you find balance and calm to focus on the essential things, we need to slow down things to see clearer. I´m going to tell you some of the things that helped me the most:

  • Meditation
  • Journaling
  • Reading or Audiobooks
  • Propper rest
  • Exercise 
  • Webinars with mentors

Of course, a healthy diet and hydration are so important and will impact your daily life on so many levels.

I’ve heard so many times that you need to be motivated to work better, and we all know that.

So the real question here is, how can I stay motivated when I don’t want to wake up, in the days I’m feeling sick, when I just don’t have the energy.

A good morning routine may be the best answer; you need to have an order of things to do to keep a balanced work-life.

Having a good rest, waking up, taking a shower, hydrating yourself, meditating, exercising, having a good breakfast, and then starting to work.

You Feel Under-Compensated 

Let´s cut through the noise; if you have ever worked for somebody else, you already know that you are trading time for money. And that’s ok if you are looking for a safe way to do and get your salary.

Your company wants to get the most out of you for the lowest cost; it´s not personal; it´s just how they run.
Daycare for children, Starbucks coffee shop, the freedom to go dressed; however, you want are all resources for you to spend more time at work.

You spend hours killing yourself working for a company you hate to impress somebody who doesn’t care. Companies and young families are incompatible, but it is what it is, right?

The word “time” comes from the word “Chronos,” It depicts the Greek myth of the Titan Cronus, who, fearing that he would be overthrown by one of his children, ate each one upon their birth. 

Your Values Are Not Aligned With the People You Work For 

I lived this situation on one of my jobs, and I have to say that it´s incredibly uncomfortable when you don´t feel aligned, especially with your boss.

What are you standing for? It´s something you carry within; it´s in your DNA.

Sadly, there were times in which I had to keep my mouth shut if I wanted to keep my job, and I know I´m not the only one on this boat.

And that is what I cherish the most about being an entrepreneur; I don´t have to deal with that anymore, period!

Becoming an Entrepreneur

The freedom and thrill you get as a freelancer are incomparable; it,s exciting and unique.

There´s always a little uncertainty and last-minute changes, so you have to adapt and be creative.

Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. 

Every experienced entrepreneur knows that the path is never easy, but the price in return can be such a fulfilling experience.

Getting help at the beginning is a crucial factor. Webinars, mentoring, and training are a must to help you to succeed.

You have to keep yourself updated with the upcoming trends.


Keeping yourself updated with whats hot now is crutial to understand how the job market is shifting.

Expand your horizons on Social Media, see which platforms adapt best.

Cultivate your soul to regain control with different methods. See, begin your inner journey.

We tend to question the amount of time we spend in the office, is it a matter of money, time, or both?. See You Feel Under-Compensated.

How to become an entrepreneur can impact your life truly positively. Read “Your Values Are Not Aligned With the People You Work For.”

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Be kind and stay safe!!!

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