Turned my frustration into motivation

A positive mindset is crucial to overcome hard times.

Today I felt so frustrated that the first thing I did was grab my laptop and start doing this blog.
So, the first thing that crossed my mind was to write about this.
About how I feel, what it means, and how to deal with this ugly feeling we all have some times.

After taking a walk this morning to refresh my mind, still, with this bitter anxiety, I´ve decided to calm down.

Having to deal with frustration is part of the path, it’s part of the process of learning, you must know how to deal with failure. We all agree that sometimes this is not easy; that you feel like you just want to give up.
The truth is that in the end, the prize is for those who persist and persevere.

One of the first things that came to my mind was that really stopped since I came to Spain in 2015 doing what I was passionate about. I left football because of my ankle injury, stopped playing golf cause I had no time, and so on.

I mean, I really felt that I just lost my passion for anything. But the truth is that passion is something you can develop by exercising repetition. Yes, repetition works the same way it does when you put self-destructive thoughts in your head.

What I implemented, and I repeat, this worked for me, is repeating good thoughts and ideas within, and at the beginning, I felt a little stupid, I’m not gonna lie. But with a bit of time, I began to see that feeding my sub-conscious with healthy and pleasant thoughts works amazingly.

Then I said, why don´t I use the same technique to make a new activity, or sport, or any passion I would like to discover. Forcing at the beginning until you start believing and then enjoying it. Its a process and we should start enjoying the process of making, discovering, learning, living, being, you name it.

Let’s imagine for a second that those great leaders we know today would have said at some point in their lives, “this is enough, so far I have come, I quit”.

I'm thinking whilst walking

It is critical to understand that persistence is key to achieving our goals.
And it is essential to know that pressure and disappointment are part of the path to success.

The truth is that I am so excited right now.
It’s impressive that just sitting, writing, and sharing it with you might help you and me at the same time, right!?.

Maybe four months ago, this would never have occurred to me.

I´ve been training to work in the digital world for these last four months.

I am making this blog, just using the voice typing tool. Something that I discovered only three weeks ago, and I am currently using to make the content for this blog.

It’s easier than what you may think. It´s all in your mindset and the strength you develop within yourself.

And the best thing about it is that you can even turn it into something that generates income for you!
Yes, you listen well!
Or something that gives you joy, something that helps others get out of that difficult time.

In essence, I wanted to talk about frustration.

How many times I go to sleep with this feeling of anxiety, full of thoughts in my head.

Now imagine that before going to sleep, you download all those thoughts to a paper.

What I really mean is that from any bad situation you can get something good out of it.
Changing your mindset is something key, we have already talked about that, so, for example, consider the possibility of improving your morning routine, if you already have one.
If you don’t, then you can start right now.

Generating healthier habits, of filling your head with new teachings.
Learn more about spirituality, learn to listen to your body, learn to eat healthily, to hydrate yourself.

The change is slow, but if you are mentalized, nothing will stop you.

You have to concentrate on your next four steps and achieve them at all costs, whatever the cost.
Start being consistent when you decide to take on a new challenge. Be honest and sincere with yourself, learn to forgive yourself for forgiving others.

To err is inherent in the human being.

Another good example is to undertake new adventures keeping them simple.
If a new challenge frightens you, it’s a good sign, face it, and learn from that experience, share it with someone else.

  • Today, you decide to be a leader!
  • Today, you decide to be that person you will be proud of!
  • And repeat yourself, “I am stronger than ever.”
  • And always remember that repetition is the mother of mastering.
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