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Behance the scope of your business incomes

Unfurl your creative sail and start new streams of income.

A man thinking about the starategy to follow

Don`t feel bad if you are still struggling to find out what could be a good idea to turn into a profitable business.

Depending only on one source of income is like walking on stilts; you are in a higher position, but you are standing in a narrow and delicate base.

If you do what you loveyou'll never work a day in your life, is what some say.

I`m not sure about it; coming from my own experience, jobs done coming from your passion don`t guarantee you anything; loving what you do doesn't mean you will succeed.

A business is still a business, and if it`s not profitable, then what's the reason to keep doing it!?

A business must generate money with effective work stemming from your expertise and abilities, and by the way, if you enjoy it, fantastic!

Here you have one of the most creative ways you can work on to find something you love that you are good at combined with something the market needs.

Chris Do and his team from "The Futur" came out with this intelligent exercise to help you think of what could be a good idea for a new business or start-up.

It`s based on the Ikigai Japanese culture of finding joy in life through purpose.

Understanding the creative thinking process

We creatives tend to recognize this process better than others, and that's because you see and pay attention to other stuff.

Coming from finances gave me the pragmatical perspective of things, the more analytical way, let`s say. Thing`s are like the numbers are showing you.

Then I started a career as a professional cook that lasted almost 14 years, and all of those teachings helped me a lot, but to administrate the company.

Within a kitchen, you need to allow yourself to feel and see and use all of your senses so you have to trust your guts and follow your heart more.


A creative mind process needs to rest

Like if it was an infusion, the creative process needs the ideas to sink in.

Some great spiritual leaders say 1/8 of our mind is the conscious mind, but 7/8 of our mind is our subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind doesn't understand positive or negative emotions; it only understands deep or shallow.

And negative emotions tend to be deep by nature; that's why we need to celebrate more positive things and be grateful for the minor events.

Coming out with new ideas can be overwhelming; next time you need to create from scratch, try to read and learn everything you can and when you feel you are getting tired, stop.

Rest and do other things, see if you can find a good movie about something similar, or go, do something relaxing, listen to some music, or take a nap.

Remember to keep a pen and a paper next cause those are the moments when ideas start flowing.

If it doesn`t come out from those moments, don`t worry, they`ll come out after you sleep or in the shower.

Another Chris Do`gean principle, hahaha.

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