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Grab your things and go!

Amazing things happen when we travel

Traveling is one of the most beautiful things that can happen to you in life. Having the opportunity to meet new places and people you’ve never seen before is an incredible experience.

If I had to make a ranking of the 10 best moments of my life for sure, much of it would be occupied by trips.

Without a doubt, one of the most exciting trips we have had to live in was Morocco, a trip we made in 2007, my wife and I, being just married.


Our trip began in Casablanca, without a doubt, one of the most intriguing places I’ve ever known. In the beginning, like every new place, it gives you a little uncertainty and feels like a real place to learn new things, maybe since Morocco is a country where you immerse yourself into the adventure.

Once acclimatized, we decided to go to know the city and its souk(market), so first of all, we decided to have lunch. I’ve asked one of the guys over the reception for a restaurant and he thought we would like to go to a fancy place.

But our idea of going to Morocco was always about getting in touch with the culture and with its people. When I remember the trip, one of the first things that come through my mind is hospitality, amazing people.

Mosque Hassan II is a must-see. Temple Beth-El is one of the few synagogues of Morocco and deserves to be visited. The Corniche beach, quiet and beautiful sights to walk and enjoy.

Undoubtedly a captivating city and for adventuresome souls.


The next day we decided to continue our trip to Rabat, a city that has definitely captivated us.
Its architecture, narrow streets, and gastronomy caught our attention powerfully.
If we were to say only one negative thing about it, it might be the harassment that one suffers from guides and vendors that sometimes becomes a bit annoying.
Rabat is attached to the Atlantic Ocean and is famous for its monuments that reflect its Islamic legacy and French colonial architecture.

The mausoleum of Mohamed V is undoubtedly a place to visit.

Meknes and Fez

From there, we decided to travel inland to the city of Meknes and then head towards Fez, where we visited its famous medina, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

There we also met a fantastic guide, who introduced us to a merchant, from whom we could buy a beautiful carpet.
They invited us to a cup of mint tea, and then they start showing us their products, when we decided which carpet we liked the most, the bargaining for the price began.

There are community clay ovens, each family takes their dough to make their own bread, each loaf has a particular shape or brand that defines who it belongs to. After making their usual purchases, they come back for their own bread loaf.

Arab baths, where you can get services, like steam baths and massages worthy of five-star hotels.
It is one of the four cities called imperial along with Meknes, Marrakech, and Rabat.

Erfoud and Merzouga

We decided to leave heading south, towards Ifran, then passing through Er-Rachidia and ending in Erfoud.
In Erfoud, we decided to spend three nights, two of which we spent in a hotel with mud walls and fabulous facilities.
During our second day, we decided to spend the night in a Berber oasis, the next day we saw the fantastic sunrise from the middle of the desert on top of a dune.
That was already close to Merzouga.


The next day we headed west to Ouarzazate, where we booked a couple of nights in a very lovely Riad. The dinners on most of the trips were without alcohol since its sale is not allowed.
Surrounded by the incredible palm groves of the Drac Valley and famous for its gateway to the Sahara desert.
A lot of very famous movies were filmed here. It is also known for its cornice roads on the heights of the Atlas with incredible views.


And to end our trip through Morocco, we depart north to the city of Marrakech.

Marrakech is the most cosmopolitan city in Morocco, its famous Jemaa el Fna square, blue wall tones, the Majorelle garden, crowded streets, and its cuisine can be seen everywhere.

Palaces, Medinas, orange groves, and olive groves. Also well known for the quality of its dates, olive oil, argan oil, and tanneries breathe in the air.

The truth is that Morocco leaves you wanting more, with amiable and warm people. I only hope one day to return and continue touring this beautiful country.

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