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SEM optimization can impact your business right from the starting line

Whatever your goal is, even if it’s making a side hustle, more money, giving information, or entertaining, you can`t depend on a single marketing strategy only; there are many things you have to pay attention to succeed. And when I talk about prevailing on a website, I´m talking about traffic.

My checklist for Search Engine Optimization is all about the things I´m implementing.

Blog Content

  • Diversify Your Marketing Strategy.
  • Paid Ads for Faster Results
  • Identify Your Most Popular Content
  • Low Bounce Rates
  • Outsource
  • Make Good Quality Articles

It’s not enough doing a good SEO job to rank your site well when people are not coming, or if your website doesn’t convert, then all the time and work you’ve invested would go down the drain.

The sooner you start implementing other strategies, the better.

Diversify Your Marketing Strategy. 

different alternatives of social madia platforms

Making a marketing campaign requires time, money, or both since we all know that time and money walk together.

Diversifying into different social media channels will help your brand to reach a broader audience.

So, this is what I think you should do. First, consider the different channels for different content like YouTube, podcasts, Instagram, etc. 

Try to see what’s the trending topic of interest to know where to engage with your audience.

Remember that each social media platform works very differently, so it’s always good to keep that in mind to adapt your content to that media in the best possible way.

Check Buzzsumo to see how your content may impact on each social media platform.

Paid Ads for Faster Results

Whether you decide to go organic or paid social Ads, doesn’t mean that one is better than the other.

I am a huge advocate of organic, but it also requires a lot of work, and time, so you don´t get to see massive results right away. It requires commitment and constant quality content delivery.

That is why most people simply give up.

Paid Ads can make you stand out from the rest and help your brand get faster results with more exposure.

Google Ads, YouTube, or Bing are amongst other possibilities.

The first time I heard about Bing, I asked a friend, “who knows Bing!?, is someone even using it!?” To my surprise, Bing has 20% of Google traffic. That is a lot!

A little budget that you can manage comfortably will serve you as a kickstart.

Identify your most popular content

Numbers have a vital role in your marketing. Knowing and understanding your numbers is something that´s going to make you stand out from the crowd.

Analyze the content of your pages to determine which are the most popular. Same way, you can start working and improving the pages that need an extra boost. 

Recycling the content or repurposing old stuff makes Google know that you are improving customer experience.

You can turn blogs into Podcasts, videos into new blogs, etc.

Get creative and don´t be afraid of making mistakes; it´s a part of the process.

Low bounce rates

A rebound occurs when a single-page session happens on a website. 

For example, a session that only triggers one request on the Analytics server and then leaves the website; this is essential and something we have to enhance.

But taking care of the navigation aspect is not everything because speed is crucial as well.

Pages on sites that load quickly rank significantly higher than pages on websites that load slowly.

There are many ways to take care of this issue; here are some tips:

  • Enable compression
  • Minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML 
  • Reduce redirects *
  • Remove render-blocking JavaScript
  • Leverage browser caching
  • Optimize images

* (In WordPress, you can try with Redirection Plugin for alerts on new redirects, 404 errors, and any loose end messing up the site).


Don´t lose time thinking about how to make everything yourself. 

Putting out content and being consistent is not an easy job. You might be good at filming, but maybe not so good editing; you may know a lot about writing, but perhaps you´re not so good with SEO. You get where I´m going; there are lots of professionals willing to help you with those things on a modest budget.

Sites like Fiverr and Upwork are great resources to hire someone talented. Both have great freelancers.

In my opinion, Fiverr works better with single-task jobs like getting images edited on photoshop, help with the copywriting of your next blog, or editing a video for you.

On the other hand, Upwork works better if you need to develop a long term business relation like helping to optimize your SEO; that is more likely to be done in separate sessions. So maybe interested in hiring someone willing to work under a contract.

I have to say I find Upwork a little more expensive than Fiverr in general, though. 

Make Good Quality Articles

Google´s algorithm used to work completely different a few years ago. Blogs depended on other information than nowadays to rank better.

Today, everything comes down to quality, how good the article you are writing is, and, in the end, if users could finally meet his expectations.

A blog that ranks good has, on average, 1500 words, and content with over 1,000 words do better on average in search for highly relevant keywords.

Don´t force it; if you can put all the information down in a compact 600-word article, that´s awesome, do it!

Good quality blogs are still one of the most excellent tools to get free traffic to your site, and as long as users keep searching in Google to find the answers, blogs will have a long life ahead.


Stay updated with the latest SEM trends, optimize your content and SEO, use the ultimate market tools to master your marketing. 

Find the right plugins to have a fast-loading website. Check Low Bounce Rates.

Remember that you can hire experts to help you with your search engine optimization or anything you need. Check Outsource.

Make quality blogs, and don’t put unnecessary information. Remember that customer experience is one of the things that´s going to make users come back. Check to Make Good Quality Articles.

Comment below if you´d like me to help you.

I wish you a great day!

Be kind, and stay safe!

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