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About Me

Set aside preconceived ideas, and the word impossible will be out of your vocabulary.

Hy there! My name is Pedro Soler Martinez,

I was born in Argentina in 1976, eldest of three brothers and proud of the family I have.

My Mom worked with her brothers and co-owned a finance company. My Father was a Stock Market agent. They used to be very busy; thus, it was strange for me to have them around during the day.

I can’t complain about my childhood. We used to travel on holidays twice a year, a private school, a charming house in a nice neighborhood, and much more. We use to play on the streets with friends and my brothers all day long, throwing oranges from the trees, riding our bikes, and stuff like that.

Things twisted when my 7-year-old cousin passed in a horrible accident coming back from school; after that, my uncle’s heart couldn’t handle it, and he died as well. My family at that moment was a complete mess, in the following months, my grandfather died, and my parents got divorced, this happened in two years.

After my parents got divorced, my father got married a few years later with a lovely lady with two beautiful sons, and they had a third one. And a couple of years later, my mom got married as well, and further, they had two kids more, which are 19 and 16 years younger than me.

School from that moment turned into something secondary to me, so after struggling and continuously changing schools and with only two exams remaining to finish high school, I left it. (something, of course, I still regret).

I left home when I was 19 and started my first project 900 km away in Cordoba. It was a vending project, automatic coffee machines, to be more precise. I asked for a lease plan and started right away; this adventure lasted for about three years until my lack of experience and many other factors took me off the road.

The beautiful side of that story was that I ended meeting my spouse. She was working at a marketing company and decided to move with me back to Buenos Aires. We started from scratch, she got a new job at a little marketing office, and I began to work with my family on the finance company once again.

In 2008 the most beautiful thing in my life happened. I became the father of a boy who is now 11 years old—my treasure.

Years passed, and things were quite good. Still, many things happened within my family, and I was struggling at that moment to go to the office. We were working all day long, sometimes even sleeping at the office, so after thinking about it for a while, I decided to make a massive shift. I wanted to make a radical change, and for that, I had to make a decision coming from my heart.

I started my Professional Culinary formation in 2004. I’ve invested time and money to educate myself. After finishing my studies, I began as an internship in a Bistrot. Peeling potatoes and everything a rookie must do in his first months. After some time working the opportunity came from my aunt, she wanted me to take care of her company’s catering.

I was shocked, and very much afraid of making things wrong. In short, that chance contributed to support my family for ten years. That venture grew up fast, and a few years later, in 2014, I managed to make the most significant event I ever made, a party for 650 people. I’m still very much proud of that.

In 2015 things shifted once again in Argentina, and everything collapsed, I decided that was enough, and if I had to start all over again, it was going to be elsewhere. We decided to move to Spain.

I managed to find a job pretty fast at an Argentinean restaurant’s supply chain. I started as a manager, and after a few months, I was in charge of the supplies for the other restaurants, the task was ok. Still, then again, after a while, I realized I was working 11 hours a day. On top of that, I broke my ankle and had to go to surgery.

It took me one year recovering from that injury, and everything changed. So that was like a breakthrough to me. I had to start thinking about how I was going to reinvent myself. The question was: is it possible to start all over again with 43 years old!?, I didn’t even take the time to answer that, of course!

After a while and going around, I met this guy called Valeriy by watching one of his videos on YouTube.

He presented me with this fantastic company that changed my mindset and the way I see things now. I’m more focused, happier, and is making a massive impact on my life.

Right now, I feel I’m living in a new stage of life where I’m discovering new passions, like video editing, painting, and reading. Even things I left aside a few years ago, which I used to love doing like golf, are slowly coming back.

Allowing me and my family to spend more quality time together.

In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.

Theodore Roosevelt