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Increase your social media reach like a boss

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Underpromise and overdeliver

How many times do we see people promising things they can't stand up for afterwards? It's one of the most disappointing things, don't become yourself on one more doing that.

For me, hands down, insightful and genuinely helpful content is what, in the end, will differentiate you and will make you start from the crowd.

Starting a new project is exciting.

Allow yourself to fail and let some space for research. Research and thought processes will produce insightful content, which people share.

Informative and personal content would be the contrasting content we should avoid putting out.

Insightful = 🎇🎇🎇

Informative = 🎇🎇

Personal = 🎇

Philosopher Carl Jung said, "we want to have certainties and no doubts; results and no experiments  without even seeing those certainties can only arise through doubt and results only through experiment."

Ok, enough intro; let`s get into the nitty-gritty!

What are the questions your customers expect you to know?

It is the outcome they want and not your skills.

For this reason, I decided to make an organised strategy and summary of the things I find the most valuable to make your social media marketing positioning stand out from the rest.

A simple plan; designed to take your customers from where they are to where they want to be.

Like other social media platforms, Facebook is making the organic reach harder every day, pushing us towards the paid advertisement campaigns.

Investing money doesn´t turn a mediocre campaign into a successful one.

And that´s why organic marketing is still not only necessary but perfect in every way to train, creating opportunities in a productive space to turn your venture into a profitable endeavour.

If well done, it will generate traffic naturally without the necessity to spend money.

People tend to get frustrated in the early stages of exposure due to the lack of immediate results; you have to be resilient enough to get used to overcoming issues.

The road to success is full of obstacles, and if you fail to learn from mistakes, it will become an even more expensive lesson. 

Take notes, put yourself on your customer's skin, and learn more about them and the service you are giving.

Short term goals first

There can`t be any planning without a vision; it´s impossible to build anything if you miss the purpose.

The strategy should embody the highest vision of every project; this will set up a group of rules to follow.

To whom are we communicating, and why, what´s the message?

Where are they, which social media platforms do they use, demographics and statistics will help you know more about them.

Google´s keyword planner is one of the greatest tools to start your research.

It looks simple, and it´s deadly effective.

vision strategy mindmap

So, in essence, the common thread of the strategy starts from the challenge or problem, travels through the main 4 obstacles with its solutions defined to reach the vision.

Obstacles are defined through research and contrasting questions. In addition, you need to set up the missions you want to accomplish to sort out those obstacles.

Gather all the ideas up, data, insights or behaviours and point them down. 

A suitable way to do this is to separate the different notes we have and sort them by matching patterns. Laying the tags in clusters or groups gives you a very pragmatic point of view.

Be realistic; they need to be challenging but somehow reachable, so you keep yourself motivated.

Tracking the results will consequently give you both the capacity to pivot and the chance to adapt smoothly to the latter panorama. 

If you can't accomplish the goals you've set, you can "lower the bar" a little bit until you get the things done. 

It is not to be a conformist in any way; it's about finding your own pace to circumvent getting overwhelmed and frustrated.

Allow yourself to commit mistakes; is the only way to learn.

Remember, success is about conquering the fears and problems that life put in front of you.

How do you position yourself better in social media?

The positioning; or fundamental business strategy steps are:

  1. We must choose a focus

    This is referring to one of the most difficult questions, what business are we in!?

    A hard decision to make, we remain open to any opportunity our business might bring, making our positioning less and less clear.

    Overcoming the second and third steps would be easy once the first one is clear.

  2. Articulate that focus via a consistent claim of expertise

  3. Work on the missing processes and skills to support our new claim

by“The win without pitching manifesto”-Blair Enns

Even though social media is still growing, we are losing our capabilities to develop meaningful relationships.

Stop thinking of what you can take and approach others with a helping hand.

No shortcuts, no gimmicks; if you put in the work, things will move.

Emphasise possible case studies you already have to highlight the potential and scope of your business.

Integrate with google analytics to measure the impact. You can perfectly outsource tracking and connections if you don´t feel comfortable doing it yourself. 

Stick to your blueprint, ask, become a member of a private Facebook group, engage with people, and make your group.

I often see a common problem, and I repeatedly felt on the same mistake; writing to attract instead of writing what's coming from my experience, right or wrong, it's mine, and that's special. 

Don't write to please others; sooner or later, somebody will disagree with you, and on top of it, you'll have to argue on something that is not even yours.

Consequently, you lose authority.

On the contrary, the best way to gain authority is to start building what you already know and have a developed and well-articulated perspective so that you find yourself way more comfortable and more in control.

Chris Do, one of my favourite marketing mentors, points out that "you are not what you make; you are so much more. Get known, share your gifts. Grow your influence, and you will be rewarded."

Design thinking from the back end towards the front end.

Build your business thinking from the inside out. So, for example, what`s going to be the final product (back end product) and so on, what`s going to be the middle and front end product.

There are many ways you can sell a product online, from simple links, letters to more complex funnels, sales letters.

Just make sure that whatever you sell is aligned with you because you won't feel comfortable selling something you don't trust or know that works by your own experience.

And people can smell from a mile away when you are struggling to sell.

Having your product will always set you in an advantageous position in that sense. You will not depend anymore on a third party company to generate income; you`ll become self-sufficient instead.

Not only you`ll feel cheerful and with a clear mind, but also you can shore up the structure with referrals and links to other programs and products whatsoever.

Make claims about the things you are good at and your experience; a good email marketing campaign with video content or youtube channels are still working phenomenally. 

Again, people will only buy either from a trusted source or from recommended references.

I always remember this example; let`s say your customer is a tea producer and needs help with his product marketing; writing a blog with the primary keyword based on any tea product could help.

Well, it turned out that, after some research, the customers were searching for the term "tea packaging design."

This is the information you want to know when you are writing content, and it just can´t be done without any research.

Niche-down your content

Niche-down image for the marketing post

First and foremost, T-shape marketing is not a new term; it was already born in the 1990s and referred to someone with broad knowledge, covering a wide range of tactics with in-depth knowledge in 1 or 2 specific areas. 

You have to remember that people look for something in particular, and you want to let them know precisely where to find it.

You create brand awareness by giving insightful information. Aha moments; they want to know more about those secrets you discovered, don´t keep them away from your audience.

If you are clear and transparent, they will follow you, and if they get a higher value than the price, they`ll buy.

Without a doubt, we are attracted to people, not to what they do, but to who they are. Understanding that changed my whole perspective; if you stop selling what you do and focus more on who you are, your mindset steers away from the sales pitching speech.

Amateurs advice ≠ Experts diagnose 

Something almost every successful entrepreneur or salesman has in common is their ability to listen.

They ask thoughtful questions to get the info they need.

If you do all the talking, you are not listening; moreover, if you are not listening, you cannot help them.

When you go see a doctor, you are probably not expecting a speech before listening to you, right!?; he'll probably ask you some questions to diagnose and then formulate the right treatment.

Doctors might be amongst the few professionals that will tell you what the process involved in the treatment is, different from sales, where the customer is interested mostly in the results.

Do more research if you want better results

the paradox of choice

The paradox of choice is something that you, as a creative, will surely resonate with; facing the crossroads with no hesitations is vital to begin to shore up our experience.

As revealed by Blair Enns, if we want to drastically reduce our competitors and benefit from the resulting power shift, we must pick a door and never look back.

Learn more about your industry. Then, take your time to do good research to deliver accurate and insightful content.

Blogging on your website could be all you need when done correctly.

Imagine the kind of project you would like to get and focus on that specific client; imagine that person searching for that service you are offering and add those services to the blog.

Along with that, you need to do at least basic SEO research; you can use the Google keyword planner or Ahrefs.


I encourage you to go for it, you've got everything to win

Generally speaking, that thing we tend to see as “the things we should do” come from a mandate, a family heritage, and we carry the weight on our shoulders.

We interpret that someone is expecting something from us, a friend, a family member; it's that level of expectancy we sometimes put over any of the things we want.

Because of this, we say we shouldn't care about what others think when the reality is that it's perfectly normal we do because we function as a social species, and many of the things we do are the result of "what society is expecting". 

Happiness is when what you say, think and do are in perfect alignment. It´s the only thing that matters.

You don't generally get things you were not expecting. And this is straightly related to the message you are sending to the universe.

Trust your effort, but check the results once in a while.

Take this advice from an ex-professional procrastinator and do yourself a favour, don`t wait for the perfect wave; focus more on the doing and less on the general plan.

Success for me is to wake up excited every day, impatient to put my hands to work and see if I can deal better with whatever life decides to put in my way.

What does success mean to you!?


storytelling picture

That humorous friend or uncle of yours who's so good at telling jokes, I mean, that's not only because of their funny face; they must indeed develop a certain pace to introduce the story and top off with a hilarious punchline.

Some might say that that is a gift, but I say that they've developed a polished technique by practising beyond that talent. Comedians have an acute sense of timing, and that's what acquired skill.

Let's say you prefer Facebook to start posting.

Once you start interacting regularly, you see very similar content trends and patterns.

Now, that´s valuable information to detect what´s making the audience react, same as forums where you see the real problems people are dealing with.

People are teaching and giving advice randomly to the general audience, with generalised information.

Whereas professional marketers know which things to change, for who, to realise what to do/offer.

Be yourself and stick to your plan; remember you are not trying to please everyone; it´s just not possible.

Its all part of the master plan

my workstation

Everything I need is right there, my notebook, my mate is my best partner and some marketing books.

Behind the notebook is the Mamushka or Matrioska; many people know what they are but don´t know how they work.

They are wooden dolls, hollow, and they carry another inside.

Beyond a sign of fertility, a Russian lady told me that when you get one, you can leave it closed and ask for a wish, and every time a desire is fulfilled, you can take the next one out.

I keep it right in front of me to remind the things I´ve asked for and to be grateful for the things I have.

Educate, inspire and entertain.

To sell is to:

  1. Assist the oblivious
  2. motivate who wants to know more
  3. Reassure those who have formed intent.



In conclusion

To summarise, the idea is that you can build an easy to follow strategy for your audience, supported by the right tools.

Understanding your audience and prioritising serving them efficiently, and focusing on a profound knowledge on a narrow niche instead of shallow and broad marketing.

The kind of content will depend on the message and platform you decide to work on, but a clear, helping, and insightful mindset should always be your north to attain colossal progress.

To be more interesting, be interested and never stop investing in self-development.

Owing to people like Blair Enns, David C Baker, Chris Do (The future), Douglas Davis, Seth Godin, and definitively in my should read list. Inspiring reads for self-developers.

I would love to see your thoughts and anything you want to add, be gentle and stay safe!!!

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