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Pedro Soler Martinez

The High-ticket Affiliate Marketing Lifestyle

Why do I love High-ticket Affiliate Marketing

People are struggling either with time or money and what I love about this business format is that it can solve both. If you have problems getting time, it`s done for your pre-built sales funnel ready to go. You`ll even get the pre-formatted email list to start your own lead list building.

And if you are still struggling with money, this is perfect; you have to focus on your sales. High-ticket affiliates get commissions starting from 50%, and depending on the program you choose, they can go up to skyrocket commissions.

Unlike MLM or pyramidal systems in which you have to stick to a brand or a product, affiliate marketing gives you the freedom to operate however you want; you can promote courses, educational programs, weight loss, nutritional or diet programs, sound systems; there are no limits.

It is vital to find a program that aligns with your mindset to feel comfortable with it afterward and won`t even need to pitch to sell; when you are happy about something, people ask you about it.

You can`t compare with other investing formats. It's not that I see risk in a bad way, not at all, but affiliate marketing, in general, requires a one-time investment. You get to sell or refer it forever depending on the business, which makes this one of the most successful income streams chosen by so many people working in the digital environment.

Discover Your Passion

This amazing workshop was designed for people that are still not sure about what they can offer.

It`s based on the Japanese concept called IKIGAI that refers to finding the purpose or direction in life, providing a sense of fulfillment.

Chris Do, the founder of "The futur," takes you along this fantastic way to fire you up and trigger your most creative side to develop an idea, product, or service to offer to your future audience.

Go as deep and descriptive as you can go, and the result will blow your mind.

Let^s Jump On a Call

If you know what you want and need some assistance with your project, we can jump on a call and see if I can fulfill your needs.

I will help you move forward with your digital journey.

If you are selling a product and it`s not converting if you don't have any product and are still struggling to come up with an idea or don´t know where to start.

Just keep in mind that I only have space until my agenda is full.

A Little About Myself

I have a sense of relief and gratefulness for the moment I decided to step away from the job I had until 2019 and decided to step into the digital space. After 14 years working in hospitality and having some ups and downs, I was looking for a manageable business format to invest in that allowed me to operate from anywhere.

After some time and money well spent on website building, sales funnels, SEO, affiliate marketing y decided to start my own project. And I couldn`t come up with anything better than my own name to back up what I do and what aligns with me.

This is the space in which I plan to share everything I know with you guys, so be more than welcome to ask and navigate the site for the upcoming news.😉

Upcoming High-ticket Affiliate Video Series

The 100% Commission High-ticket Affiliate Program

Stop dealing with hours commuting to work, with bosses drilling your head, and if for some reason you still want to deal with him, you can still make this amazing high-ticket affiliate program part-time, like many of the guys from the team.

See some of the heartwarming recommendations from the guys on the team!

100% Commissions

One time payment

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