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Position, convert and rank better

Five striking signs that your social media marketing is not working. Resonate with any of these issues?

  • Somebody is in charge of your marketing but seems to be little to almost non-communication with the business team?

  • Low conversion rates. Or you don`t even know your rates.

  • Nobody seems to be tracking any of the results, and if they are, the info you have from them looks vague.

  • Covering a broad spectrum of services, creating a lack of specificity.

  • Results around impact and positioning feel far away from what you expected.




"Pedro´s consulting service for the last 2 years has been an incredibly reliable source for me and my business. I know me and my business are in great hands.

He has shown me to be an expert in positioning oneself, one´s brand and business on social media marketing, and the mindset that one has to have to succeed in today's online space.

He is also a complete fire when it comes to brainstorming and making plans to get you ahead of the game in a short period of time. I am honoured to strongly recommend his reliable, humble and kind service to anyone that is serious about their business.

Thank you Pedro for always being there when I need you, you are a (business) saviour."

Tommy Gielingh 

A genius challenge created to find the best ideas that might generate income, and who knows, your next business plan!

Have you ever heard about Ikigai?

Ikigai is a Japanese expression and concept referring to find the sweet spot in between what we love, world necessities, what we get paid for and our natural talent or gifts.

Learn more about this.

Pragmatic Social Media Marketing Tips for Creatives

I love to challenge myself to find new and creative ways to see things from a different angle, sometimes leading me to a dead-end and some others to exciting things.

Without a doubt, we need to be creative to find new ideas, and mistakes are part of the journey.

With this in mind, I wrote a blog about all the things that have helped me to understand organic social media marketing better; I´d love to see your comments on it. And of course, I hope you can get as much value as I got from all these tips.

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A simple social media marketing plan pros are using

By | July 27, 2021

The perfect strategy to improve your social media skills as an organic marketer. Advice that I have taken from the brightest in the market like Blair Enns, Douglas Davis or David C. Baker. All that value summarized so that you can start using it now and that no one can keep up with you.

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