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Pedro Soler Martinez

The Affiliate Marketing Power

Blasting every other business formats I`ve tried.

There are three kinds of affiliate programs, low, medium and high ticket.

Affiliate links for Amazon associates is a good example of the low, medium and high ticket together.

I can`t say which one is better cause it will depend on many different factors, but I like to stick with the medium and high ticket.

High-ticket affiliates can receive slightly better commissions rates from more expensive products or services, so you need fewer sales to get the results you want.

Unlike MLM or pyramidal systems requiring you to stick to a brand or a product, affiliate marketing gives you the freedom to operate however you want.

You can promote courses, educational programs, weight loss, nutritional or diet programs, sound systems; there are no limits.

The power of affiliate marketing lies in its pragmatism. The content is generated, and your referral links will continue to work for you.

The video, podcast, blog post or landing page with your links keeps working for you 24/7; I can`t think of something better than that.

Start now, and with practice, you`ll learn how to optimize your conversion rates finding the right niche for you.

The genius challenge created to find the best ideas that might generate you income, and who knows if your next priority business plan!

Have you ever heard about Ikigai?

Ikigai is a Japanese word and expression used to define where you are in life and the ideal place in terms of purpose.

Learn more about this.

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A Little About Myself

I have a sense of relief and gratefulness for the moment I decided to step away from the job I had until 2019 and decided to step into the digital space. After 14 years working in hospitality and having some ups and downs, I was looking for a manageable business format to invest in that allowed me to operate from anywhere.

After some time and money well spent on website building, sales funnels, SEO, affiliate marketing y decided to start my own project. And I couldn`t come up with anything better than my own name to back up what I do and what aligns with me.

This is the space in which I plan to share everything I know with you guys, so be more than welcome to ask and navigate the site for the upcoming news.😉

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100% Commissions

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The best way to start aiming to ensure income is to have multiple streams. Some will produce more and some others less, but when you see the potential of building up a structure to allow you that, there`s no way to go back!

*Disclaimer: Individual results will vary from person to person. I cannot guarantee any results.

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